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Barbara Terzic & Carolyn Keating, Section Chiefs This section contains 4 briefs.

There's a new janitor in town: cleaning up the mess in ALS

Authors: Yvette C. Wong, Erika L.F. Holzbaur

Brief prepared by: Shachee Doshi and Patti Murphy

Recycling centers in the cells of Alzheimer’s patients are less acidic than normal and this impairs their function

Authors: Erin E. Coffey, Jonathan M. Beckel, Alan M. Laties, Claire H. Mitchell

Brief prepared by: Alice Dallstream

A misbehaving catalyst acts on motor proteins to mess up shipping of materials inside neurons

Authors: Eva Klinman, Erika L. Holzbaur

Brief prepared by: Eva Klinman

Genetic mutations related to Huntington’s disease disrupt the transport and breakdown of unwanted materials in the cell

Authors: Yvette C. Wong, Erika L. Holzbaur

Brief prepared by: Sarah Ly