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Kate Brynildsen, Section Chief This section contains 5 briefs.

Activation of the brain's stress response in the 'mood center' of the brain produces sex-dependent changes

Authors: Alexis R. Howerton, Alison V. Roland, Jessica M. Fluharty, Aniko Marshall, Alon Chen, Derek Daniels, Sheryl G. Beck, Tracy L. Bale

Brief prepared by: Felicia Davatolhagh

Deep Brain Stimulation: A potential treatment for cocaine relapse

Authors: Leonardo A. Guercio, Heath D. Schmidt, R. Christopher Pierce

Brief prepared by: Leonardo Guercio

Chew on this: your daytime sleepiness depends on your diet, not your weight

Authors: Isaac J. Perron, Allan I. Pack, Sigrid Veasey

Brief prepared by: Isaac J. Perron

You are what you eat: discovery of a new process for how your brain controls how many calories you eat and how many calories you burn

Authors: Ceren Ozek, Scott E. Kanoski, Zhong-Yin Zhang, Harvey J. Grill, Kendra K. Bence

Brief prepared by: David Reiner & Isaac Perron

Controlling serotonin circuits in the brain with light manipulates mice into approaching or avoiding rodent bullies

Authors: Collin Challis, Sheryl G. Beck, Olivier Berton

Brief prepared by: Collin Challis